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Why VideoCall Psychotherapy Consultations?
Over the years, I received many requests from many people who were unable to travel to the clinic. These requests evoked a process of adapting the Psychotherapeutic Model to the virtual world.

What equipment do you need?
• Internet access;
• Computer with webcam and microphone (preferred);
• Smartphone/cell phone with front camera.
In order for the consultation to take place in the best possible way, in addition to the equipment mentioned, it is essential that it is carried out in a quiet and comfortable place, where you feel safe and where you know you will not have interruptions.
If all these conditions are met, you will easily feel that the therapist is on your side and not on the other side of the monitor.

For whom?
• For those who live abroad
• For those who live in other states
• For those who live in the same country, but far from our facilities
• For those with reduced mobility
• For those who prefer online consultations
• Basically, for all people looking to work on themselves and their emotional stability

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