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Specialist in Cognitive

Behavioral Therapy

Moving Towards More Satisfying Relationships Through Contextual Behavioral Science

Priscila Rolim de Moura

CRP: 06/85737

Director and founder of iMind – Psychology and Mindfulness; Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from PUC-Campinas, 2007; Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Leiden University, 2011; Specialist in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy from HC-FMUSP, 2014; Supervisor and Psychotherapist in Functional Analytic Psychotherapy from the University of Washington, 2017; Specialist in Couple and Family Therapy from PUC-Minas Gerais, 2023; Professor in the Postgraduate course in Behavioral Therapy with emphasis on Health and Mental Health, Santa Casa de São Paulo; Professor in the Specialization course in Behavioral Therapy in Mental Health, with EEP HC FMUSP certification, ICC Marília; Former member of the Certification Committee – Certification, Ethics, and Policy Council of FAP (FAP CEP); Former member of the board of ACBS Brazil (General Member); Former member of the board of the International Interest Group FAP SIG (Special Interest Group); Member of the Association for Contextual and Behavioral Science (ACBS) Brazil and the ACBS Global; Member of the Brazilian Federation of Cognitive Therapies (FBTC); Member of the Brazilian Association of Behavioral Sciences (ABPMC).

  • Master in clinical
  • Specialist in cognitive
    behavioral therapy
  • Consultation for adolescents,
    adults, couples and families
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Ms. Priscila Rolim has a long path and experience in the clinical area and in theoretical and experiential training. In the field of Clinical and Hospital Psychology, Ms. Rolim did an internship during her graduation at PUC-Campinas's Hospital and at the Hospital Cândido Ferreira in Campinas.

During the years she lived in the Netherlands, Ms. Rolim worked at the Psy-Noord Psychotherapie Clinic and at the I-Psy Intercultural Clinic, Interculturele Psychiatrie, where she gained experience with immigrants and refugees from different countries, with diverse emotional disorders.

Back in Brazil, she works as a Clinical Psychotherapist, and a Certified Psychotherapist in Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP), and as a Guest Professor in Specialization Courses. Ms. Rolim was a Member at Large of ACBS Brazil Chapter until March 2024, Board member of the International Interest Group FAP SIG (Special Interest Group) and she lecturers in different Specialization courses. Priscila is also responsible for the Center for Studies and Personal Development, iMind - Psicologia e Mindfulness.

In addition to delving into studies on Interpersonal Relationships, Contextual Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Group Intervention for Therapeutic Skills, Ms. Rolim trains and supervises professionals individually and in groups (Psychology Students, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists and Entrepreneurs) and is one of the speakers and workshop leaders in Brazil.

She is passionate about what she does, which serves the purpose of helping people to operate more skillfully in interpersonal relationships, authentically to achieve specific and overarching goals, bringing compassion and values ​​to their consciousness and action. Together, during Psychotherapy, they will learn what it's like to think in new ways, observe change and act in a disparate manner. The passion of Ms. Rolim for helping people leads her to lead the clients to explore the best version of themselves, making them more able at managing their emotional experience.

Improve relationships

Satisfying interpersonal relationships are important in a person’s life, improving connections, you will also increase your life expectancy.

Improve communication

Improve the ability to create a more careful communication, encouraging perspective taking; based on the idea of a cooperative and empathic communication with others.

Venture in new sensations

Reduce the impact of psychological stress on a daily basis and increase your skills to manage your emotional experience.



"I deeply appreciate that Priscila is a rising leader in the Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) community. She is a highly intelligent, compassionate and powerful woman who deals exquisitely with complex concepts. She is a terrific role model and mentor for the next generation of students. It is a privilege and a joy to have Priscila as a member of our worldwide FAP community!”

Ph.D. Mavis Tsai, Clinical Psychologist at Independent Practice and University of Washington, co-creator of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP).

“Priscila Rolim's FAP course was... life changing, I think that's the word that best defines it. I could never imagine that an online course with a few weeks of length could cover so much content and achieve such depth, intimacy and connection. These 8 weeks of learning were developed with a warm and compassionate emotional context, and Priscila knew how to manage in a way that evoked the best of each participant. It was a unique experience that only increased my interest in FAP and my respect for Priscila as a teacher and psychotherapist. It is an essential course for all psychologists interested in Contextual Behavioral Therapies.”

Maria Paula de Aguiar Fracasso, Psychology student from the last period of the Centro Universitário de João Pessoa – UNIPÊ.

“I had the opportunity to discriminate what are my most important values throughout the course. I was encouraged to understand the FUNCTION of some of these behaviors in order to modify them! This FAP course was very important during this period of my life, and I am quite sure that I do not leave these 8 weeks, the same way I started. And so does "psychologist Helena"! No doubt that this FAP course was the best investment I have made recently!”

Helena Borini Amorim, Psychologist, Specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Vitória, CRP 16/3357.

“It was a particularly transformative experience to participate during these eight weeks training, conducted in a highly competent manner by Priscila, where we were able to concentrate on our clinical practice, based on the fundamental principles of FAP connection. I felt that I was able to enhance my repertoire as therapist by becoming more attuned and connected to clinical experience, aligned with a functional view, and learning to courageously nurture my clients' progress. It is an essential course for all those who wish to experience FAP in clinical practice and to challenge each other compassionately and improve their intervention skills. Loved it!”

Stélios Sant'Anna Sdoukos, Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist, Master in Behavior Analysis from the State University of Londrina (UEL), CRP: 08/13140.


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