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In some cases, even if the person tries hard, he cannot overcome the anxiety disorders on his own. So, the best alternative is to seek professional help in order to reverse the situation and promote the rehabilitation of mental and physical health.

Psychotherapy is a treatment and an interpersonal relationship that is created between the specialist psychologist and a patient so that the specific principles and techniques of psychology are put into practice.

The foundation of my work is rigorous training in evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Functional Analytical Psychotherapy).

Based on this understanding, I seek with all my clients a balance between understanding and action:



Let's exercise a differentiated view of your situation and how you act in that situation. I want our work to resonate with meaning for you.



We will translate our understanding into a clear path to change. There will be homework for you to practice between sessions. We will connect your sense of purpose and meaning to daily routines and habits or crucial conversations.

Our sessions will be successful when you can not only do things differently as a result of meeting with me, but also find a different perspective and experience of situations in your everyday life.



My purpose is not just to help you overcome whatever psychological challenges you face, but to help you more strongly and genuinely serve what matters most to you in this world.

In my work with couples (and other forms of relationship) who want to see the complexity and simplicity of their relationship(s) more clearly and cooperate for a shared reality that is meaningful, alive and connected.

Based on Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) and Integrative Couples Behavior Therapy (IBCT), the objective of Couple Therapy is to contribute to the resolution of conflicts, opening space for a more reflective and assertive communication, seeking an alignment between the couple’s expectations.

In this context, the psychologist works in order to identify previously established patterns and seeks to broaden the couple’s vision by providing dialogue, which often does not occur in the partners’ daily lives – and the lack of dialogue is even one of the main complaints among couples. . If you choose to stay in the relationship, you choose to be responsible for your own growth and to support your partner’s growth.

Couples Therapy sessions are a balance between individual and shared development. We will make use of supplemental one-on-one meetings as needed so that each individual feels fully engaged and understood.

Common areas of focus include:

– Proximity and connection
– Conflict resolution and negotiation
– Repair of the past
– Separation and disconnection
– Clarification of Objectives and Values
– Self-knowledge, awareness and mindfulness
– Emotional intelligence
– Problem solving, creativity, resilience
– Communication skills
– Interpersonal Skills/Relationship/Intimacy
– Mood and stress management
– Anxiety/Depression/Trauma

Priscila Rolim Priscila Rolim


At the first appointment you will tell me what is going on, talk about yourself and your story. Based on your report, I can give you some indications and how we will work from there.

There is no way to need time for psychotherapy. Sessions typically take place each week for a period of 50 to 55 minutes. The treatment takes the time necessary for it to be noticed that the patient is already feeling better and free from the conflicts that anguished him.

In some cases, parallel to psychotherapy, drug treatment may occur, which is necessary to assist the patient’s emotional functioning and facilitate psychotherapy. It is worth remembering that the medicines must be prescribed by the doctor and not the psychologist.

I am available for therapy sessions via video conference/telephone. In my experience, and according to research, remote sessions are just as impactful as in-person sessions.

I am a licensed psychologist in the state of São Paulo: CRP 06/85737 I am completing the Specialization process in Family and Couples Therapy at PUC-MG.

Your plan may cover part/all of my session as a provider
outside the accredited network.

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