April 08, 2022

Why is self-knowledge important?

Most of us only know each other superficially. We may name our favorite books and shows, but we may be less inclined to have deeper self-awareness – the kind that connects the dots between our past and present or captures how our emotions may be guiding our behavior.

Sometimes, when life becomes particularly stressful or hectic, we can experience an extraordinary transformation. Or we can disconnect from ourselves and get lost.

Here are some of the biggest reasons to go to therapy:

Responding more effectively to life.

“Gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves helps us to be responsible – or responsive – which means we can respond to life, rather than react,” says Joey Hulin, a meditation teacher based in Cornwall, UK. , and author of the book “Your Spiritual Almanac: A Year of Conscious Living”.

Deeper introspection keeps us from drowning in difficult situations and emotions, allowing us to make wiser, more thoughtful decisions.

“It’s the difference between being completely consumed by stress and having the ability to notice when we’re feeling stressed and then course-correct to be firmer and more balanced,” says Hulin.

Not allowing unresolved emotions to unintentionally dictate our actions.

Without even realizing it, many of us cling to anger, sadness, shame, and other emotions that sometimes arise in surprising and confusing ways. It takes courage to look inside and find stories we didn’t even know about.

Discovering and understanding buried emotions helps us get back in the driver’s seat and navigate our lives, creating the life we truly want.

Knowing ourselves also helps us create a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Because when you understand your true desires and core values and take the time to process your emotions, you can take actions that build an authentic life.

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