In-person and Online

Therapeutic skills

You can learn new skills and improve your practice during a one-on-one or a small group consultation by Skype or in person with MSc. Priscila Rolim.


Experiential workshops were developed to enhance therapeutic skills, through theoretical explanation and experiential (practical) activities. Participants will have the opportunity to: 1. focus on the therapeutic relationship; 2. role-play clients / practice the components of Contextual Behavioral Science-Based Therapy models and receive feedback; 3. apply functional analytical principles to discriminate key moments in the therapeutic relationship, practicing productive interventions.

Study Groups

A place to work on challenging concepts and learn from each other. The group aims at the study and development about behaviorism, as well as on the science of behavior analysis, contextual therapies and their philosophical assumptions focused mainly on Clinical Practice. The group has a strategic perspective, it provides a space for discussion, exchange of knowledge and experiences for theoretical and practical deepening.

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