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What is online psychological care?
The online psychological care is intermediated by Skype or Zoom. The session lasts fifty minutes and the intention of this type of service is for the psychologist to work with the client objectively and briefly.

Who is online psychological care for?
It is intended for adults (over 18 years) residing in Brazil or abroad.

The therapy process can have a variable duration, and the treatment time will depend on the patient’s availability, the frequency of consultations, and the severity of the problem. Each call lasts 50 to 60 minutes.

And how does it work?
Once the client has scheduled the session, the client will receive a briefing with easy-to-fill questionnaires. This form will help the psychologist understand how they can work to best assist you in the first session.

Professional Secrecy
The psychologist’s Code of Professional Ethics enables the client to ensure that the psychologist, in his exercise, is bound to secrecy, it is up to the psychologist to provide the necessary conditions for this to occur.
Confidentiality means keeping the information and facts known through the professional relationship in which the reliability and exposure of the patient’s intimacy are implicated.

Importantly, when it comes to online psychological care, precautions and technical procedures are adopted in order to reduce the vulnerability that the electronic means of communication may present. However, it is important to note that computer-mediated services cannot be considered technically confidential and secure.

Schedule and information
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It is of utmost importance that the client take the necessary precautions to keep the session confidential, that the client does not show the conversations with the psychologist to others or does not record the session, it is also up to him / her to preserve himself from the vulnerable environment. The moment you are having the session it is of utmost importance that you are in an environment that feels safe and quiet so that the session is uninterrupted or cannot be heard by others.

Psychologist’s Professional Ethics
For more information on the Psychologist’s Code of Professional Ethics, please visit the link below:

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